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Monday, November 30, 2015


Dear warrior,

Well, we’ve finally arrived my friend! To where, you might ask? To that all-important time where I send you yet another ‘past due’ newsletter blog… HA! Yes, hard to believe, I know. Time has yet again slipped quickly by, as we enter into the final month of the year. Seems like barely a few months ago that we were discussing entering into 2015, and now we will soon be leaving it.

I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving time with your family and loved ones. We returned home Thanksgiving week from another trip to Brazil. It was quite hot and humid there, but I cannot complain; the first brutal, winter storm hit the day after we left. Guess we got out just in time! We did our best to make the most of the rather drastic change of climate in Brazil. I was fortunate to get to play some hot and sweaty tennis, as well as enjoy a couple of much needed relaxation days at the beach! Let’s not forget to mention the delight of eating some tasty Brazilian Churrascaria!! (Google it and check out some pics in case you’re unfamiliar)

We had quite the interesting experience in our first attempt to fly out. Our smaller commuter plane to Texas was hit by a rather large sized bird, shortly after takeoff. Turned out to be a hawk. This large hawk hit right on the landing gear, and managed to get wedged in the wheel well. Result? Well, the landing gear could not close! I figured something was wrong when the plane began to turn around rather abruptly. After a fly-by past the airport tower, it was confirmed. We had to land the plane. It would be hours before the alternate plane would be available, which would have caused us to miss our connecting flight. So we decided to do it all over again the next day!

Thankfully, the remaining flights coming and going were rather smooth. I thought about posting a pic the pilot took of the poor, decapitated bird, but that would have been rather graphic and grotesque. I’m sure you already got the idea… So aside from the minor ‘hawk’ setback and the annoyances of dealing with TSA and immigration, the trip went very well.

We plan to return again in the spring, during which time this excited uncle will also get to meet his new nephews and nieces! Yes, my sister-in-law is pregnant with triplets, and is due in a couple more months. Please keep her in your prayers and agree that our Father continue to strengthen her and the babies’ bodies and minds, and keep them all in sound health without problems or complications. Amen! Our hope is to also have the Portuguese book translation of ‘Progressive Intimacy’ finalized before we return. We would appreciate your prayers of agreement for that to get accomplished. Thank you so much.

I would also like for your prayers of agreement for tomorrow’s radio broadcast. I will be making a guest appearance on the program of a gentleman I recently connected with. He had read some of my writings and posts and asked if I would come on and discuss a few topics with him. Of course we will let the Holy Spirit lead and set the direction, but we will potentially be discussing topics like the Jezebel spirit and religious spirits within the church, among other things. We are both excited and believe that the Lord will have His will and way accomplished during the broadcast.

Prior to our trip to Brazil, I began writing in more detail about stewardship and finances, as it pertains to our sonship and inheritance. We’re going to delve into some sensitive topics of discussion in which we will address questions such as: “Was Christ Jesus truly financially poor or not during His temporal stewardship upon earth? Is it God’s desire for us to be rich or to be poor?” In addition, we will be looking at true prosperity versus false prosperity, as well as what religion has done in skewing our perspective and perception of money and finance. We’ll talk about stewardship in the realm of ministry, as well as stewardship in the realms of business and entrepreneurship.

We will also venture into some Jewish history and culture in order to get a better understanding of proper stewardship and the correlation between our natural and spiritual sonship and inheritance, according to scripture. This will give us an opportunity to discuss and compare some of the extremes of poverty and lack, as well as prosperity and wealth, found within Christian circles of ministry. Here are a couple short, preview excerpts from the upcoming writings:

“One reason it is necessary to address this topic is because there has been so much abuse regarding money and finances among preachers and ministers. There have been numerous, large or more well-known ministers and ministries who have come under scrutiny over the years for misuse and abuse of finances for their own personal gain and prosperity.

Please understand that I am specifically referring to ministries to who put coercion or unscriptural pressure and/or manipulation on their followers to give them money. Whether using common, old covenant fear tactics like their followers “robbing God” if they don’t give to their ministries, or putting themselves under a curse because they don’t. All of it is really nothing more than spiritual abuse.

Yes, it is wrong and those so-called ministers and preachers will stand to give an account before God for their words and practices. Yes, the ministers are at fault for these abusive practices, but their followers are also to blame for being so naive and gullible; for allowing it to happen, even when they feel violated or guilty, being wrongly and falsely condemned.

Much of the problem is due to lack of understanding in what the scriptures have to say about the topic, as well as believers not really knowing their Father enough to understand how He may truly feel about money and wealth, as well as how we are to use and steward it.”

“…As the apostle John stated after a very long life of ministry and walking very intimately with Christ as His beloved disciple, John was convinced that the Father wants our prosperity; spiritually, physically, emotionally, and financially. Although my personal walk with the Father has not been for as many years as John, I too am convinced after decades of prayer, study, meditation and assimilation of the scriptures, that God truly does want our spiritual, as well as our natural prosperity. Of course He wants for that to take place the righteous and the correct way! In order for it to occur, He must first truly have our hearts and must prove our faithfulness as a good and faithful steward who can be entrusted with both eternal wealth, as well as natural and financial resources. Although we may have a significant amount of natural money, what He does not want is for that money to have us… or our hearts! Our hearts and lives must fully belong to HIM alone.”

I hope that you are as excited to read the upcoming writings as I am to finish and to share them. Sensitive topics are never easy to discuss or to address. However, they are pertinent, as well as important in our spiritual growth, maturity, and training. Far too many believers stay in the same place spiritually over the course of many years of their lives because they have an inaccurate perception or misunderstanding of certain topics in regard to ministry and the scriptures. The Holy Spirit of truth is there to help aid in our transition and growth past potential disabling strongholds, and into the righteous understanding and interpretation of these Kingdom principles; as well as the spiritual and natural laws which surround them. I look forward to sharing more with you soon!

with blessings and favor in Christ Jesus,


Warriors Rising

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