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PROGRESSebookIVE INTIMACY – Prophetic Preparations for Perilous Times
by Caleb Kidd Coy

Book Description (412 pages)

A raw, revealing, and intimate look into this journey of discovery called life. Love, heartbreak, brokenness, betrayal, healing, restoration, and reconciliation. From mountaintop highs, to treacherous valley lows, the paths that we each will walk are filled with unexpected obstacles and hurdles that become potential opportunities. Through that, there is a place of immense joy, peace, and serenity found in understanding the purpose and destiny for which we were created.

Come and see the beauty and preciousness of each and every day that is given us as a gift. Learn to appreciate everything and everyone around you. Count each and every moment that you breathe as an eternal blessing in which you can forever directly impact and touch another life around you…

An unprecedented, epic, and intimate journey into the heart, character, and nature of the Father. A revelatory adventure into the divine mysteries, secrets, and treasures of a Kingdom entrusted to those of faithful and pure hearts. A place of unmapped, uncharted, and unexplored territories far beyond the furthest reaches of the human intellect or understanding.

Approach eternal doors which have never before been unlocked, and discover how the hidden keys are found and revealed. A book for those who have always felt and known there is a realm far more real and eternal than that which the naked eye could ever see, behold, or imagine. A taste and a glimpse into understanding and abiding in the place where all things become possible for those who truly believe. A place where one must come up higher in order to fully see. A place where the purest, sweetest, and kindest love imaginable lives.

A place where only that pure, undefiled and perfected love can drive out all the fears in our lives and help us to prepare for the perilous times ahead. A fierce assault wages for the souls of humanity. The piercing battle cry of a warrior calls you to arise and the urgent alarm of a watchman compels you to awaken…



The book is available on Kindle/Amazon and/or Barnes & Noble Nook. Anybody that has a mobile device (such as smartphones or tablets) can purchase the book through the Kindle or Nook Store. The Kindle or Nook App can be downloaded for free on any mobile device.

At the Amazon site you can read a sample of the book for free on your computer!


Printed copies of the book are available for order. To make the payment just click on the ‘Buy Now’ button. This will take you to a secured PayPal checkout page where you can choose to pay with credit/debit card or through your bank account. All prices include shipping and handling. (Orders of ten copies or more receive a discounted price of $10 per book).

$12  *list* Prices include shipping and handling!




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